Welcome to dreamMakerS

MS affects every member of the family, not only the person with the diagnosis (c) 

Are you or someone in your family living with MS? If so, dreamMakerS can help!

dreamMakerS is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization located in the Baltimore/Washington area. We provide fun, educational, and supportive programs dedicated exclusively to meeting the unique needs of children whose parents have MS.

dreamMakerS helps families living with MS to realize they are not alone. Our programs are all provided free of charge to families living with MS. dreamMakerS offers support in a fun, caring, and fully accessible environment, with support offered for the children and parents as needed.

For those of you not living in the Baltimore/Washington area – dreamMakerS can still help! We offer a nationwide penpal program for children whose parents have MS. We will connect children of similar age, interests and circumstances with parental permission via email or traditional letter writing. We are a growing organization and always looking for new ways to help those outside the area as well so please keep in touch and we will let you know when new opportunities arise.

Upcoming Events

 April 26, 2015:  Create a Coaster, 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm, Baltimore Museum of Industry ***To be rescheduled***

You love to ride roller coasters -- but have you ever tried to build one?   Kids 6 and up will work together with their new dreamMakerS friends to build their own roller coaster!  Parents are welcome to stay and observe, have snacks, and meet other families living with MS in the area. This event is being rescheduled -- for information, please contact us at info@msdreammakers.org or sign-up for our newsletter.  

Check out Highlights from:  A Day For Families Living with MS:

16 docs Pictures, handouts and more about this fabulous day!

What makes dreamMakerS so special?

Having a parent with a chronic disease like MS affects children more than many parents realize, regardless of how minimal the symptoms may appear to be.  Most children don’t know any other kids with parents like theirs – until dreamMakerS!  Our events are a wonderful way for the entire family to meet other families living with MS, while having new experiences and a lot of fun!