Top 7 Volunteer Opportunities In Bozeman Montana

Being an active town with a vibrant non-profit community, Bozeman is abound with volunteer opportunities. There are many humanitarian causes to help with, depending on what and who your heart goes out to.

Having worked at a few of the charities as an active local volunteer myself, I can tell you that the atmosphere is always inspiring. There are also numerous charity and fundraising events held throughout the year, so there is always a way to give back.

Here are seven great opportunities to volunteer in Bozeman:

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin Valley

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin Valley has done a lot of good for the kids of Bozeman. They help improve the lives of local children who are facing challenges by pairing them with caring adult mentors. These mentors, called “Bigs,” are local volunteers who are willing to mentor the children, called “Littles,” for at least 18 months.

    To volunteer to be a Big, you must be over 18 and have a verified background and driver’s license. Volunteering only requires a couple of extra hours per week. Spread over 18 months, it’s a great opportunity to make a major positive impact. You can also volunteer as a committee member for a special event or help organize one of their annual events.

  2. Cancer Support Community

    This organization continues to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in Bozeman, Montana, and you can join them on their quest. There are several ways to join as a volunteer, including, but not limited to, working in the kitchen, community outreach, office administration, and landscape maintenance.

    Depending on the capacity in which you choose to volunteer, you can make a periodic commitment or help on a one-time basis. There are no limits on how often you might choose to volunteer, as the community is open to receiving all the assistance it can get.

  3. Heart of the Valley

    For canine lovers, Heart of the Valley provides many opportunities to devote quality time to our furry friends. This animal shelter cares for over 2,800 cats and dogs annually. As an open-admission shelter that accepts any dog or cat, it serves as a stray-holding facility for Bozeman and nearby cities.

    Their main volunteer program, the PAW program, is open to volunteers aged 16 and above. A junior volunteer program is available for kids aged 6 to 15 with a parent or guardian. There is also a foster care program for caring for young, injured, or undersocialized animals. One of the best things about HOV is how they have many resources for teaching new volunteers.

  4. Eagle Mount

    This wonderful initiative allows people with disabilities to enjoy recreational activities with the help of committed volunteers. You can offer to go skiing, horseback riding, swimming, or snowboarding with someone with a disability. Eagle Mount offers about 2,000 experiences a year, which means there are always opportunities to volunteer.

    As if the joy of helping the disabled laugh and smile is not enough, there are also ski passes for volunteers. You can help out by joining any of their various programs, such as the summer recreation program or the arts and horticulture program. You can also offer to take care of horses through the horsemanship program.

  5. The Poverello Center

    The Poverello Center offers a great opportunity to help the homeless. The organization is committed to providing food and shelter to members of the community. You can volunteer in several ways; helping out in the kitchen, helping with administration, or assisting residents with other basic needs.

    While you can volunteer in groups, the center doesn’t accept more than ten people at a time. Also, there are other ways to help out besides volunteering on-site. Apart from donating, you can create artwork, knit clothes, host a supply drive, or invite people from the center to do outreach in your community.

  6. Thrive

    Thrive is one of the most active volunteer organizations in Bozeman, serving over 7,000 families and children each year. The organization provides mentorship and support to young families and children facing challenges.

    You can lend a helping hand by becoming a CAP (Child Advancement Program) mentor or donating to any of their other four signature programs. The Child Advancement Program has been one of their most successful programs and is always a great pick for any volunteer. To be a CAP mentor, you must be at least 18 years of age.

  7. Haven

    Haven has been providing support and intervention for survivors of domestic violence since 1979. Based in Gallatin County, the organization offers physical shelter, legal advocacy, and counseling to anyone who has suffered from sexual assault, sex trafficking, and domestic violence.

    You can either help out as a volunteer, an intern, or apply for one of their few job openings. There are several ways to volunteer, either through survivor advocacy, anti-trafficking advocacy, or helping to provide legal services to immigrants.